Hull & Machinery

Hull & Machinery insurance is the vessel's primary insurance against physical damage to the vessel and its machinery or equipment. The vessel is insured to its full value, whereby the insurance, depending on the extent of protection chosen, compensates total loss of the vessel, salvage, partial damages to one's own vessel, collision liability (RDC/FFO may be excluded as needed), ice damages, engine-damage, and the vessel's contribution to general average. 

We are currently working on the on-boarding of new capacity providers that intend on providing to-follow shares for this line.

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War Risks

War is generally characterised by extreme collective aggression, physical destruction and usually high mortality and does not, unfortunately, exclude targets at sea. The results can be asset losses in the millions and unfortunately, also the loss of human life.

The War Risks insurance coverage that we place for our clients, is designed to cover damage to the ship and certain liabilities, resulting from acts of War that standard Hull & Machinery and P&I insurance choose to exclude. This typically includes damage or loss caused by war, civil war, revolution, rebellion, strikes, arrest, weapons of war, terrorists etc.

We are currently working on integrating this line into our smart|insure platform. Nevertheless, if you need assistance, do feel free to send us an email

Kidnap for Ransom

A piracy incident is a serious crisis situation, within a highly complex legal environment, where not only high valued assets, such as ship and cargo, are at stake, but also human life. Such extreme situations call for extremely high levels of tact, expertise and handling capability.

It is therefore our utmost priority and belief to only work with specialised Kidnap for Ransom insurers to provide both financial stability and the best possible crisis consultants, in case of any such incident. We do not settle for any less.

The annual covers that we are able to provide are highly competitive and, we feel, best in class.

We are also able to provide spot Marine Kidnap for Ransom + Loss of Hire (also available on a stand-alone basis) coverage for transits and/or calls to the High Risk Areas using our digital smart|insure platform. It allows the user to get quotes, bind cover and receive the relevant documentation, all within minutes.

The capacity we represent are all S&P A rated.

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